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The SegMark™ Workflow

By Jeffry Tobon CDT

SegMark™ stands for Segmentation Markers, this system is a revolutionary digital dental solution that promises to transform the way full-mouth prosthetics are delivered. Utilizing advanced radio-opaque scan markers called Segmarkers and the CT data of patients, the Segmark Workflow offers a predictable and efficient method for delivering full-mouth prosthetics at the time of surgery. With this cutting-edge technology, dental professionals can now provide a more accurate and personalized approach to patient care, resulting in improved outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. Here you will explore its benefits and how it's set to revolutionize the way full-mouth rehabilitations are done digitally around the globe.


The SegMarker

The SegMarker™ is a radio-opaque scan body that is printable in your own dental office. This marker aids in the alignment process of post-CT data to pre-CT data. Become an Exclusive Member and you will get access to a FREE download of the SegMarker STL as well as detailed instructions on the workflow and much more!


The SegScrew

The SegScrew is a screw that is used for a Direct to MUA no Ti-base prosthesis. The screw offers a wide range of benefits including our patented anti-rotational grooves under the head of the screw, as well as 20-degree corrective angulation and much more! See a list of the things that make this screw the best in the market.

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The SegScrew™ Advantages


Angled Screw Channel

SegMark™ Workflow

Exocad Libraries







Margin Protection

Material Variety

No-Ti Base



Anti-rotational grooves that prevent the screw from loosening while in the patient's mouth.

Allows 20-degree of screw channel angulation. This avoids screw channel access holes from coming out too facial.

The only screw that works on the SegMarker™ which is part of the the SegMark™ Workflow.

Exocad Library that has the most widely used scan bodies to fit individual needs.

A milling strategy that is already added and implemented into Millbox™ to promote perfect calculations in the CAM software.

The screw head connection is compatible with Straumann TorX6 drivers for straight and the ANGLEBase® for when angulation was implemented. 

The screw head connection has anti-stripping technology. Basically, you cannot strip it when over-torquing.

The screw can be torqued between  15-20 Nu.

The design of the connection prevents the screw from easily falling off the driver.

A 30-degree taper on the head ensures that forces are spread evenly outward on the prosthetic. Not straight down to the MUA.

The head of the screw is 2.6mm in diameter. This allows the milling machine to mill the screw channels using the 2mm bur. This improves millability and it prevents the common breakage of the 1mm bur.

The Exocad Library is designed with a certain thickness on the margins to prevent the margins from chipping during the milling operations.

The screw works on soft and hard materials, like zirconia, PMMA, 3D-printed resins, and much more.

The screw can go directly to the MUA with out the need for Ti-bases and cementation.

The neck of the screw is wider and thicker than most screws. This prevents the screw from breaking.

The price of the screw compares to similar products in the market. Also since the Ti-base is not needed there is a huge cost saving.


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