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Our Mission

To develop full-arch workflows and share them with the entire world. No Secrets...

Who Developed it?

Jeffry Tobon is the president of Regional Implant Centers, Chairside Solutions, Digital Dental Craftsmen, and Designlab Dental. He was born in Medellin, Colombia. Ever since he was a child he has been involved in dental technology. His father Fredy owned and operated a dental laboratory that focused on removable prosthodontics. His family left Colombia in 2001 and came to the United States seeking new opportunities and start a new life. In 2008 he graduated from New York City College of Technology with an AAS Degree in Restorative Dentistry. After graduation, he focused on educating and learning about every aspect of dentistry. Mr. Tobon is a Certified Dental Technician in Ceramics and is currently an experienced Digital Dental Technician. In 2023 he founded Regional Implant Centers, a chain of dental offices focused on full-mouth rehabilitation utilizing his workflows. Now they utilize some of the most advanced equipment available in the dental field to provide patients with a reliable, streamlined full digital workflow that delivers consistent results.

MAX UV UltraGLOSS Build Tray_edited.png

"After many years in the field of dentistry teaching courses and developing systems.

I decided to just share all the knowledge I have with everyone and just make it public for the world to learn."

"I know that sometimes people don't value things when they are given for free, but I am beyond blessed and I am at a stage in my career where I just want to share, and hopefully people appreciate it."

Jeffry Tobon CDT


Attend one of our live courses to get access to the SegMarkers

sign up and you will get to visit his office in Houston Texas where you will learn the SegMark Workflow with a live patient and get detailed instructions as well as discounts and access to SegMarkers, much more!

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